Why me?

Since day one, I like to parse data using programming languages. I did simple to complex scraping project. I use PHP, Python, Selenium, AutoIT to automate or scrape any data or application.

I like to be part of challenging and complex tasks where websites give challenge to extract data out of it. Using Proxies, invoking modem restart command from within script for new dynamic residential IP, I just love it.

What are my tools?

I started my career with PERL, but since PHP picked its boom back in 2003, I shifted myself to PHP. Then 3 years ago I started utilizing Python. Regardless of tool or technologies, scraping is one good thing.

I used Selenium with Python for login to website and perform actions without being getting into radar. Some of the scripts perform complete workflow.

For some Desktop application automation I used both Sikuli & AutoIt, but my personal favorite is AutoIT. Its community is strong as well.

With PHP I use cURL, it never disappoints.

Let’s Work Together